AMA Hearing Loss/Tinnitus Guidelines now in 6th revision

Found this information when I was doing my daily reading on Tinnitus. The Guidelines discuss something called Whole Person Impairment. The article discusses that how much a person is impaired is not just how much hearing they have lost but other factors such loss or reduction of vision. This is something that affects multiple areas, from both a clinical and legal viewpoint.

While some of what these Guidelines are based on some work that has occurred at the World Heath Organization (WHO), it also uses information from the AMA which would indicate that is based on the best information from all the sources of input. The one statement from the Guidelines pretty much says it all – “This system considers diagnosis, functional symptomatology, physical findings, and epidemiology and clinical studies as the bases for assessment, allowing for standardization across modalities and organ systems, and for rating decisions to be more uniform across patients.”

I will be the first to admit that this article is not light reading. Having said that, when you get involved in a disability situation, understanding that this type of calculation and discussion has been done by the AMA is something that both your doctor and attorney should be made aware of. It at least provides a platform to start from.

Here is a link to the article that I found.

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