Does Magnesium play a role in Tinnitus ?

When I first started reading this article, I found something that I hadn’t read before. The American Tinnitus Association has identified 200 different health disorders that have been found to cause Tinnitus. From personal experience, I knew that certain pharmaceuticals and loud noises could cause tinnitus but not that there were so many health disorders that could also be the culprint.

As the post discusses, loud noises or infections cause the hair cells inside the ear cause the production of a neurotransmitter called glutamate. This production of glutamate will lead to an over stimulation of the inner near nerve cells eventually causing their death. Even after their death, the sounds continue to be sent to the brain, resulting in tinnitus.

Magnesium has been found to protect the nerves in the inner ear. It also is an inhibitor of glutamates. That causes an interesting question to be asked. A study that was done indicates that someone who take Magnesium, probably as a part of a vitamin supplement, experience less of noise related hearing loss than someone who didn’t take magnesium.

I looked at some of the supporting references for this post. Vagal Nerve Stimulation, one such study, was shown to provide relief in 4 out of 10 study participants. My earlier blog post about a Micro Transponder was this type of device. I havent heard any more about this device and inquiries with the company havent been returned.

Another treatment that is being tested is known as AM-101. This is a gel injection that is administered three times over a period of five days. The results from this particular case study are promising. While the early results shows improvement in less than 50% of the study group, that figure climbed to 57% after 90 days. While not an immediate improvement, I would take that over an immediate one since the slow results would be more likely to stay around than something that resulted in an immediate change.

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