Getting a Hearing Test

This may seem like an understatement but it is one that should be not be taken lightly. In my case, I went thought several different hearing tests before finding a provider who could see the problem and come up with a plan on treating the condition.

Even though I had been tested several years earlier, knowing that there had been changes to both the technology and my hearing problem, getting a fresh evaluation was the first step in the process of getting a possible solution to my situation. The first company I had called had followed up with an email when I made the appointment with a link to their website (that I had already visited) and a form that they requested I fill out, if possible, before coming in for my appointment. Filling out the form was a reasonable request and showed me they wanted to have as much information about me and what I was experiencing before giving the exam.

Before starting the exam, the individual I met with asked me additional questions to go into more detail. During the interview process, I stopped at one point and commented that this seemed more like a psychological exam. The response I got surprised me. I was told that there are those that have endured such a level of discomfort and/or pain that they have withdrawn from the world, lost their job, etc.

Getting the hearing test began shortly after that. In addition to getting the standard barrage of tones at different levels and frequencies, I also was tested with a variety of background noises to further identify where the problem was. At the completion of that series, I was fitted with a different headset that I was to find out later that this test would check for hearing using bone conductivity to help isolate where my hearing problem was located.

At end of the test, the results were discussed with me. I did have some hearing loss at the high end, which was considered normal given my age. It seems that tinnitus can be helped to some extent, just by adding a little amplification to one or both ears depending on where the hearing deficit is found. The results showed that I would need some amplification in one ear but would be just part of the solution. The frequency of the “ringing” sound in my ears was confirmed. In doing research on tinnitus, I learned that there was no cure because of the damage that was in the ears but the symptoms could be “masked”. This “masking” in some cases was to distract the brain from the sound it was hearing so you didn’t pay as much attention to it.

The person who gave me the exam gave me a printed copy of the results and signed it. I would need to give this to my doctor when I met with him to discuss the situation. I made a copy of this for my records as a part of the file I was building. One thing that impressed me was this individual also told me of the annual training that she goes through to stay current. In working in the field of Information Technology, keeping current is very important. Having someone who is making the effort to keep up on the latest trends puts them in a better position of doing the best for their patients/clients that they can.

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