Latest Update on Research to Silence Tinnitus

Got an email today from a site in Europe that I watch that often has interesting updates on the research going on in Europe on Tinnitus.

Here is a brief summary on what was in the post –

  • A study in Australia showed that giving furosemide to animals after exposure to loud sounds blocked damaging signals from reaching the brain. It also appears to prevent tinnitus related activity and behaviours in the in the brain.

  • Auris Medical, a Swiss company, has a drug in clinical trials, that may help prevent the early stages of tinnitus

  • Otonomy is in Phase 1 clinical trials with OTO-311 that is targeted at early stage Tinnitus. If all goes well, the next phase is anticipated to start in late 2016

  • Autifony Theraputics, which conducted a trial of AUTO0063 in 2015, is reviewing the results of the trial. The trials were stopped when results indicated that, while the treatment was safe, it didn’t significantly improve the situation

  • Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit is using advanced medical-imaging techniques to look at neural activity on those who do and do not suffer with Tinnitus. They hope to identify more areas of the brain that are involved with Tinnitus.

  • A Project at University of Newcastle is looking to develop an object way to measure Tinnitus that can be used in both animal and clinical studies. Hopefully this should reduce the time it takes for a trial and improve how a trial is operated.

Here is a link to the full post.

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