Looking for a Speaker ?

P16Looking for a Speaker for your next event ?

Whether speaking to a room of 10 people or an auditorium of 400, Ron makes each attendee feel like he is speaking directly to them. After suffering with Tinnitus for over 40 years, he wants others to know that they don’t have to suffer in silence or suffer alone. The worst thing that can happen is not to seek any treatment at all.

The earlier that someone is diagnosed with Tinnitus and treatment can begin, the better. While there is no cure at this point, those who attend his presentations will understand what there a variety of options that can be pursued to help manage Tinnitus. Just as important as managing it will be to take the appropriate steps to keep if for getting worse. Ron will help the attendees see the path before them and walk them through how he has been living with Tinntius. For a PR One Sheet about his book, you can click here.

You can reach Ron at ron@ronnutter.com to start the conversation to have him at your next event.