Massachusetts State Government to help Boston Bombing victims with Tinnitus/hearing loss

This was one story that I was happy to see published. So many time there are situations where an bad situation has affected multiple people but sometimes there were a few that slipped through the cracks that didn’t get the help they would have benefitted from The Boston Bombing situation was bad enough that it happened but at least more of those who were injured, ableit not visibly, will be able to get help.

Using a grant from the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance, individuals who were present at the bombing that are just now starting to show signs of Tinnitus or hearing loss can get the help that they really need. Just giving someone a hearing aid after being diagnosed can help but making sure they know how to use it properly yields even better results. Some of those who experienced hearing loss were hesitant to ask for help.

Here is a link to the full story.

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