MicroTransponder treatment option might be available in the future !

serenityI am always on the search for treatment options, that while maybe not available today, might be available at some point in the future. Just such an item came to me in an email recently. When I found, from a company in Dallas, Tx by the name of MicroTransponder http://www.microtransponder.com, that could be one of those on the horizon opportunities. I do not have a medical background but from what I have read in the press release, this might be an option for some of us that suffer from tinnitus.

The product, known as the “Serenity System”, is in a small package that is placed under the skin similar to what you have see with a pacemaker. A lead from Serenity will attach to the Vagus nerve. This is how the device works with the brain to deal with your Tinnitus. I don’t want to get into further detail until I have had a chance to talk with the company. It looks like the U.S. and European initial trials are already full. I have filled out the form and will relay any information that I receive. With luck I might get into a future trial.

Please check out http://www.microtransponder.com yourself for further information.

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