Music Publication “EarMilk” requires staffers to wear earplugs to avoid Tinnitus

While working on the next episode of my podcast “Tinnitus Chronicles”, available on iTunes and Google Play, I found an article that got my attention. In today’s world, the almighty buck comes before anything else, even if that might be protecting employees for pennies today versus spending more money later to address the problem after the fact.

David Sikorski, a Senior Editor at Earmilk, set a mandatory policy requiring all staffers and those representing the publication at concerts/festivals to wear some type of hearing protection. In his post where the policy was mentioned, he cites a situation that should get all of us to remember to wear hearing protection when in a situation where it is warranted. The individual left a concert with a ringing in the ears that wouldn’t quit and later committed suicide. The sad thing is that loss of life could have been easily avoided.

getdubs-case-topIn the body of his post, he mentions a product called DUBS from the folks at Doppler Labs. I have looked at this product and have ordered a set of these to try for myself. My DUBS earplugs will be reviewed on a later podcast and blog post. Without giving away a “spoiler” suffice it to say that any company who posts an exploded drawing showing the inner parts of their product to the point where they also list the materials used in production is very comfortable with the quality of their.

case2If that wasn’t enough, they are also working on a more sophisticated version of DUBS called HerePlus. This is a bluetooth device that links with your smartphone enabling the user to dial in the exact response from the device to give maximum pleasure from the listening experience. The product isn’t currently available but a waitlist option is available on the website to be among the first to be able to acquire it. I have filled out the waitlist form and am anxiously awaiting notification that I will be among the first to be able to experience the product. With luck, that will be on a future blogpost and podcast.

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