Participants needed for tinnitus study in Ireland

Tinnitus Trial AlertThe announcement for this study showed up a few days ago. Wanted to pass it on to make sure it could help as many people as possible. This study is being handled at St. James Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Even if you are not close to this location, being able to travel as needed might be considered, especially if you can demonstrate a more advanced case of tinnitus.

The trial will be handled by the hospital’s new Research and Innovation Hub. While the details are readily available, the study appears to be testing the different settings of an already approved medical device. What this says to me is that they want to see how the treatment of tinnitus conditions can be improved or maintained by working with the different settings. Since this will be under the supervisor of one or more doctors that will no doubt be involved in the study, this would be far safer that doing these experiments on your own.

According to Mr Brendan Conlon, a consultant ear surgeon at St James’s, they are looking get more detailed information on some of the subtypes of Tinntius. This should help with developing strategies that results in deliver a more targeted effective treatments. The Tinnitus Association of Ireland, while not supporting a specific type of treatment is happy to something that could help improve the treatment of tinnitus for thousands of Irish folks who currently suffer from it.

Those accepted for the study will need to be able to travel to St. James’s Hospital five times over a 26 week period of time. There will be a device that will be used as a part of the study. Participants will need to use device one hour a day for 12 weeks. To put things in perspective, it appears that one person in 10 in Ireland (about 45,000 people) suffer from Tinnitus. Even though this appears to be only about 1 percent of the population, it is good that they will now have a study close to them that has the potential of helping improve their quality of life.

You can go to this link for more information. You can start the registration process for the clinical trials here.

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