Possible Treatment for Tinnitus – Acupuncture anyone ?

I will be first to admit, I didnt see this one coming. The report I saw today from Healthcare Medicine Institute purports to have between 50 to 80 percent success rate depending on the level of acupuncture treatment administered to the individual. I would like to see a study done in the US on this just for general principal.

On the surface, I am interested in anything where Pharmaceuticals don’t have to be used. At some point, I may have to start taking prescribed medicines but hope to avoid that as long as possible. Since the report specifically mentions locations that I would assume a good acupuncturist would be familiar with, it would seem to have a little more credibility.

There is an range of success rates. As you would expect, some received great results while others experienced little to no results. As soon I saw this, I wanted to get the word out in case it would help one or more of my fellow tinnitus sufferers.

Here is the link to the full post.

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