Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 10 – Cleaning Your Ears

Even without a Tinnitus diagnosis, keeping your ears clear and clean will help make sure you dont miss a sound. There are several options to consider –

cotton swab 1. Cotton Swab – This was mentioned in a previous podcast as a don’t do. I think that is primary because some don’t know how to properly use them. This is an option I have used for years. The trick I have found is to slowly insert the cotton swab into the ear canal. Once you feel some resistance, that is probably a good point at which to stop. I then start a slow, rotating or spinning motion so that I make sure that I get all of the wax that I can from the ear canal. At the same as the spinning motion, I gradually start removing the cotton swap from my ears.

macks prorinse 2. Ear Rinse – This option may be a little easier for some. There are several examples of ear rinse products. Mack’s Pro Rinse uses FDA approved Carbamide Peroxide Drops as a part of the kit. This is not a one and done treatment. The instructions recommend a twice daily application over a four day period. You will put between 5 to 10 drops in each ear. You will then put a supplied ear plug in each ear so that you can continue with other things while the peroxide is doing its work. After the drops have been in the ears for several minutes, you will go through a rinsing process as mentioned in the product instructions.

ear vacuum 3. Ear Vacuum – This is an option that I haven’t tried yet. From what I have read, there have been mixed reviews. It might work for some better than others. Since wax is one of those substances that doesn’t always want to leave when you want it to. This is a possible use for the wax vacuum where it might just be the encouragement for the wax to leave if the ear rinse wasn’t sufficient motivation for the wax to leave.

What works for one person won’t work for another when cleaning your ears. I respect those that feel that cleaning your ears with a cotton swab isn’t safe. It has worked for me. If your ears are really clogged with wax, then it is possible that using a cotton swab could make the problem worse by packing the wax into parts of your ear canal. I use the swabs frequently to help get the larger portions of wax from my ears and then periodically use a ear rinse solution such as Mack’s ProRinse to get the portions of ear wax out of my ear that the swabs missed.

Since the inner part of the ear is more sensitive for some, then using cotton swabs may not be a good option. That is something that each person will need to decide for themselves. Another good source of information would be your hearing aid provided and your ENT physician. They may have another option that I haven’t discussed here.

Mack’s Ear Rinse – Link

OtoClip – Link

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