Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 2 – Hearing Aid Batteries & TinnitusTrack Review

hearing aid batteries

Show Notes
Welcome to Tinnitus Chronicles Episode #1. In this first part of a 2 part series, I discuss the different kinds of batteries you may be dealing with, and how to take care of them. There are 4 different types of batteries in this category and have been color coded to make it easier to remember their size and that you get the right one.

Dealing with several different battery types surprised me a little bit when I first started wearing my tinnitus devices. Someone really thought ahead by giving the batteries both a number and a color. Since it is possible that a family member may need to pick up batteries for you, having them remember to pick up the yellow tab batteries may be easier for them to remember than getting the number 10 type battery.

tinntitus_tracksIn the 2nd part of this episode, I talk about a product that has potential for being able to treat your tinnitus. Since this is considered a medical device by US standards, it will have to be approved by the FDA. The graphic from the Tinnitus Tracks website gives you a rough idea of what their product does. You, in conjunction with your hearing aid provider, identify the tone or frequency of your tinnitus and that is removed from the music your are listening to. Your own tinnitus sound is used as part of the treatment process.

Being able to use your iPhone and using your favorite music is a plus in my mind. The more you enjoy the music should mean the more consistent you will be with the treatments. You will need to use it for 90 minutes at a time. How long you will need to be using it before you will see results may vary by individual.

Go to this link for more information about Tinnitus Tracks.

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