Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 4 – Earplugs Part 1 and Ireland Study

macks earplugsIn Episode 4, I start a new series talking about Ear Plugs. Once you have been diagnosed with Tinnitus, you should take every precaution with protecting your hearing from further damage from loud noises such as the lawnmower, a concert or industrial work environment. There are a variety of earplugs for a variety of situations. The first earplugs I talk about are my go to earplugs when I need maximum protection. I use Mack’s 32db disposable earplugs. The package I start with includes a nice carry case for a couple of plugs to have on your keychain or nearby. Since the starter package only includes just a few pair of plugs, the time will come when you will need to replenish your stock. I have found a very affordable package that comes with 50 pair of the same ear plugs that I got with the starter kit.

macks ear plug 50Protecting your hearing further damage is something that you will need to do everyday of your life. since the Ear is one of the body’s organs that cannot regenerate itself, everything you can do to protect your hearing is that much longer you will have the level of hearing that you do. While, as you age, there may be some normal reduction in your hearing, using hearing protection will do as much is reasonable possible to prevent any reduction in the hearing. I will talk about other hearing plug options in the following episodes.

Macks Starter Kit Macks Replenishment Package

In the second half of the episode, I talk about a new Tinnitus study available to the residents of Ireland. You can use this link for more information.

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