Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 5 – Earplugs Part 2 and MicroTransponder

dubsIn this version of Tinnitus Chronicles, I talk about earplugs for a specific use. There are times that you want to hear what is going on around you. There are two types of earplugs that will reduce the pressure or loudness of the music/sound you want to hear and you can still enjoy the music/sound more than if you used hearing protection that offered maximum protection from loud sounds. Dubs is produced by the folks at Doppler Labs. One music publication, EarMilk, has mandated that hearing protection be worn by anyone who is representing the publication at any concert or outdoor event. When you look at the DopplerLabs website, it is impressive the amount of detail that they have gone into. While not giving away any trade secrets, they show you all of the parts that make up the product known as Dubs. They didn’t have to do that but it gives you additional level of comfort to know that you are making an informed decision.

macks_hearplugsAfter Episode 4 of the podcast was released, I was contact by the folks at Macks. They gave me a link to videos on their website that show a way of inserting their earplug called the reach over technique. Here is the link to their videos – http://www.macksearplugs.com/instructional_videos.php. In this episode, I talk about a different earplug from Macks that reduces the sound pressure or loudness of what you are listening to but allows you to hear more of the actual music/audio than is possible with the higher isolation level of the Macks Earplugs I talked about in Episode 4.

In the 2nd segment of this podcast, I talk about a possible treatment option called the Serenity System from the folks at http://www.microtransponder.com. This is a device that is implanted much like a pacemaker. In this case, a lead is attached to the Vegas nerve which allows the device to work with your brain to lessen or eliminate the tinnitus sound that you hear.

Dubs – http://www.tinnitusmystory.com/doppler
Macks Musical EarPlugs – http://www.tinnitusmystory.com/mackmusic

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