Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 7 – Handling Tinnitus While You Sleep (Part 1)

Once you have been diagnosed with Tinnitus, one of the first things that will happen is that you may be fitted with some type of device for your ears. This could be some amplification in one or both ears or it could be a more advanced device that also has some masking functionality to help “hide” your tinnitus sound in such a way that your mind doesn’t hear it. It might be something else entirely depending on what your ENT or hearing aid provider feels is best for your particular situation.

TelevisionThat helps you during the day but what about at night. Most of the solutions that I am aware of can’t be left in the ear at night. This means as soon as you go to bed, your old buddy Tinnitus will be back in full form. I didn’t realize until after I was diagnosed with Tinnitus how long I had been compensating for it and dealing with it at night. I had been leaving the TV on when I turned in for the night and then turning it off when I woke up some time during the night. This isn’t an option in all cases.

soundplussleepOne of the first solutions I found was a device from a company called Sound+Sleep. Granted there are a whole host of companies out there that produce a device that plays a variety of sounds from white/pink noise to rain. The folks at Sound+Sleep take this to an entirely different level. They have a variety of sound stories can can be varied in different levels of detail depending what works best for you. There are two different versions of their device. The standard Sound+Sleep Device goes right on your nightstand. The Mini version comes with a nice travel case and can be powered by AC or 2 AA batteries. I have had both of these devices for almost two years and wouldn’t trade anything for them.

This next story comes from the folks at Health24.com. They have an interesting writeup on Magnesium and the role it may play with Tinnitus. As with anything like this, you may not see the same results as another individual due to a variety for reasons. More is being learned about on Tinnitus everyday. While today there is no cure for Tinnitus, there are a variety of options to deal with it that weren’t there several years ago.

For more information, click on Sounds+Sleep.
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Sound+Sleep Mini (Amazon)

Tinnitus - How I Deal With It - InteractiveTo learn more about how you can deal with Tinnitus from what an actual Tinnitus sufferer has gone through, please pick up a copy of this book today. Be sure to listen to the podcast for a way to get a free copy of the audio version of the book. If you don’t suffer from Tinnitus but know someone who does, this would make a great gift. Everything in this book was researched personally by the author and has been tried out where indicated. It is done to help save you some of the time and effort of finding the same information.

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