Tinnitus Chronicles – Episode 9 – Handling Tinnitus at Night (Part 3)

Pillow SpeakerIn the previous episodes, I talked about ways of dealing with tinnitus at night. One of the first things I tried was to get the sound from the Sound+Sleep as close to my ears as possible. I found the PillowSonic Pillow Speaker and gave it a try. Depending on how loud you need the volume coming from the Sound+Sleep, you might be able to put the speaker pillow inside your pillow case just above the pillow. If the volume coming out of the speakers is louder than what you are comfortable with and you aren’t able to get the volume down enough before it gets really faint, then you can try it on the underside of the pillow.

I did find that one type of pillow doesn’t seem to work well with this kind of speaker pillow. I use a foam pillow from a bedding manufacturer that is now headquartered in the US but got its start in Europe. The density of the foam used in their product is heavy enough that when placing the speaker under the pillow I couldnt hear much sound coming from the speaker even when I had the sound as loud as I could get it. The trick there is that the louder you have the sound, especially when you have it as close to the maximum loudness, it could result in the product wearing out sooner.

3.5mm extension cableAs with anything that has a speaker, the cable is never long enough. I found this cable on Amazon for less than $7 at the time I bought it. My concern with using the short cable that came with the pillow speaker was that, depending on the amount of tossing and turning I was going through during the night, I might find the Sound+Sleep somewhere on the floor instead of the nightstand or worse yet, damaged because of the fall from the nightstand. My luck in this area is usually limited to having one end of the cable damaged. Didn’t want to take a chance on that.

Here is the link to the Clinical Trial on Pulsatile Tinnitus.

Tinnitus - How I Deal With It - InteractiveTo learn more about how you can deal with Tinnitus from what an actual Tinnitus sufferer has gone through, please pick up a copy of this book today. Be sure to listen to the podcast for a way to get a free copy of the audio version of the book. If you don’t suffer from Tinnitus but know someone who does, this would make a great gift. Everything in this book was researched personally by the author and has been tried out where indicated. It is done to help save you some of the time and effort of finding the same information.

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