Tinnitus Chronicles – Inaugural Episode

Do you have ringing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus? Do you know someone that has Tinnitus? Well you’ve found the right podcast, Tinnitus Chronicles. Best selling author and speaker Ronald Nutter will help you explore the latest in Tinnitus treatments, clinical trials and options in managing Tinnitus on a daily basis. And now, here is your host, Ron…

Welcome, I am Ron Nutter and a Tinnitus sufferer for over 40 years. Until June of 2014, I had been told that there weren’t any options that could help me. That changed in a matter of minutes when I saw a TV Commercial that indicated that there might just be an option. After doing research for a couple of months, I released that I had enough to write a book. The book that resulted from this research (available on Kindle and paperback) is a diary of my journey since being diagnosed. I will not start a course of treatment until I know what I am getting into.

What I will be sharing with you in future shows will be excerpts from the book, new treatment options I have learned about and any clinical trials that may have come to my attention. The first thing I learned was that, contrary to what you may have heard, there is no medically known way of curing Tinnitus because of the permanent damage that has been done to the inner part of the ear. Different people experience Tinnitus differently. I hear a constant high pitched tone 24 hours a day. When the barometric pressure changes, I may have a momentary change in what I hear or how loud it is.

I will share with you what I do to live with Tinnitus. Anything I talk about is something that I have used unless I tell you otherwise in the podcast. I search the internet every day to learn of new treatments or clinical trials that would be of interest to my fellow tinnitus sufferers. As the opportunities become available, I will bring guests on the podcast from the companies that produce the product or are involved in the clinical trials. In some cases, I will have an affiliate link available where you can purchase the item or items mentioned in the podcast. Purchasing the item via this link will not raise the price you pay. It will help offset my costs of website hosting and other expenses I have as a result of producing content for the website or podcast.

We all have busy lives. Out of respect for that I will try to keep each episode to 20 minutes or less. What this will help is to allow you to listen to one episode on the drive into work or on the way home. For longer subjects, this may require that two or more shows may be needed to completely discuss a topic. Some shows may have more than one topic discussed.

Here are just some of the subjects that will be covered in future shows – rechargeable vs disposable batteries, choosing the right earplug, handling tinnitus while you sleep, select a hearing aid provider, working with your hearing aid provider, the impact of not dealing with tinnitus and protecting your tinnitus devices when outside. My medium to long term plans are to attend several of the industry trade shows to find out the latest in treatment options for tinnitus. Interviews with industry experts will also part of the podcast content.

One thing to remember is that there is more than one way to work with or handle any of the situations that I will discuss. What may work for you may not work for you or to the extent that I experienced. My goal is to share with you what I found in the hopes of saving you some time in pursuing options that may have result in the same levels of success. This is an an area where you can help me help others with this podcast. If you experience results different from that I did, I will be happy to share that so that we all benefit. If you find something of interest that hasn’t been discussed on the show so far or there is an update, that information will be passed along as well.

I want this show to help you as much as possible. To that end, you can send me your questions, comments or suggestions for future shows. We are on this journey together. I look forward to being able to help you along the path to coping with your Tinnitus. Show Notes for this podcast will be at http://www.tinnitusmystory.com/show1. When you signup for automatic notifications of future shows, as my way of saying thank you, I will send you the instructions for getting a free copy of my book on Audible if you aren’t already an Audible subscriber.

Thanks for listening to the Tinnitus Chronicles. To keep up on the shows as they are released, please signup for automatic notifications at www.tinnitusmystory.com/podcast. If you know someone who is experiencing Tinnitus, share this show with them. Please subscribe on iTunes or Google Play and leave us a review. Have questions? Contact Ron at questions@tinnitusmystory.com. We look forward to sharing more incredible insights on our next episode!

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