Treat Tinnitus in 3 Steps Using Your Favorite Music !

Having a one size fits all solution meaning that everyone gets the same thing doesnt mean that it will be able to help everyone to the same extent. When I first read the press release for “Tinnitracks”, I knew that I needed to learn more. Unlike some products, this device can only be obtained in conjunction with your ENT Doctor or audiologist.

  • Using information provides by the doctor/audiologist, the frequency or tone of what your tinnitus sounds like is captured.
  • You select your favorite music. As a part of the import process with the Tinnitracks app, you will be advised how suitable your music is to be used for the treatment process. If you hear a very high tone and all of your favorite music is mostly in the mid range to bass tones, then it may not work out that well.
  • Once your music selection has been imported and processed, you start listening to the music with your headphones. The website advises this should be in a quiet area. If that isn’t always an option for you, going with a higher end headphone such as Bose that offer noise cancellation might be able to help. That is a question for the folks at Tinnitracks.

The success in the clinical studies indicates that you will need to play the music for 90 minutes a day for a period of 4 months. If you play music that gets flagged as not being optimal that it is reasonable to expect that your results wont be as good. This is another area that I would defer to the folks at Tinnitracks at. Based on the price on the website in German Marks, that translates to approximately $300 which makes it somewhat more affordable than some of the hearing aid devices I have seen.

Now the bad new, it is only available in Germany yet. I have reached out to the company for status of the FDA approval process and to be considered for any clinical trials. Here is the link for you to learn about about this device.

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