Ways to help minimize the effects of Tinnitus

Found an article today that listed some options to consider as ways of controlling how Tinnitus can affect you. I will pick out the high points and will put a link at the end of this point for you to dig into the details –

  • A low salt diet

This is as hard as it sounds. I make this change on my own several years ago. The first thing I did was to change from regular table salt to Morton Lite Salt. It is an adjustment but nothing you cant do. Most food has way too much salt in it.

  • Reduce consumption of caffeine

This is another area that is a good one to pursue. One immediate benefit is that you should be able to sleep better and longer at night. I have been using a decaffeinated ice tea several years ago. There was a little flavor adjustment at first but now I don’t notice it. The side benefit is that I can drink ice tea closer to bed time that I had been able to do in the past. It isnt totally caffeine free but it is at least a reduction in caffein intake.

  • Biofeedback and Hypnotherapy

I cant speed to either of these from personal experience. I try to keep an open mind on all treatment options.

Here is the link to the full article.

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