Would you like some dried herbs with that ?

The more I continue to look for options at dealing with my Tinnitus, the more options I start finding. While not an option for everyone, it at least that some may be able to try. While not every city or town may have a Chinese herb shop, if you do, this is something that might be worth looking at.

In this post, the gentlemen suffering from Tinnitus is from Ireland. As old as the history of Chinese medicine is, there doesn’t seem to be a lot known about it in some circles. In the case of the individual wrote about in this blog post, he was able to experience relief from the Tinnitus he had suffered with for fourteen years.

Just as with some medical doctors, you could go to two different Chinese herb shops and leave with two different “treatments”. The results experienced did take several weeks to materialize and were very gradual. For the results gradually showing up helps with my being comfortable as to potential reactions or adverse affects to the herbs and other ingredients dispensed by the Chinese herbalist.

With conventional western medicine having a limited number of options, this seems to have some possibilities of helping get some relief. For the full post, please use this link.

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